Pivoting isn’t the only option: Sometimes it’s better to step back in time…

It’s an interesting time with COVID-19 prompting a change in direction for me from formal employment engagements toward my old hobby business.

So when times are so uncertain and jobs difficult to come by, I feel the best option is to revive the little business that gave me such a sense of satisfaction and personal growth.

But with that comes the need to take things seriously and take advantage of the opportunities in front of me.

And actually work out how to do the paperwork and manage all the itty bitty things I don’t necessarily enjoy… 😛 Profit and Loss statements, business plans, the works. EEK!!

It means investing time and energy into the business side of things and that means forfeiting time I could be spending being ‘creative’ and doing all the fun stuff. It means learning curves on a 90% angle again and taking risks.

Putting myself out into the world and saying, ‘hey, take a look at how I can help you…’ knowing full well there are thousands of others just like me doing the same thing.

It means believing that as I invest in this and trust God to support me in it, that he will and that my efforts won’t be in vain…

It’s a lot of effort, isn’t it? A lot of risks and a lot of sacrifices…

But if I have no skin in the game, why bother, right? My ‘skin the game’ might not be financial right now, but it is certainly skin: my time, energy, learning capacity, and grit. My creative time sacrificed to provide financial support to my household.

Not to mention my self-belief that I can do this and do it well! My willingness to tackle the stuff I don’t enjoy and see my efforts advancing even when they don’t look like they are!

So with a big deep breath, I am going to give it a shot.

I’m going to take the opportunity in front of me and put all my eggs in the basket and trust that I do have something to offer the world.

That who I am and what I can do are going to be of value to some people, and then hopefully, some more people.

Because if it happened for me last time, why can’t it happen again now? I had NO clue what I was doing last time and somehow made it work. This time I have a lot more understanding, know what I am getting myself into, and am a lot wiser (I hope) in how much it’s going to take.

But my heart still says go for it. So I will.

And now for the shameless plug 😀 If you know anyone, or are that someone, who would like to chat about how I can help you with keep your creative pursuits front of mind, I am super keen to hear about your project 🙂


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