Miriam’s Weekly Review

Interesting, cool, and thought-provoking things I’ve discovered this week. Have you found things worth sharing too or written something you’d like to share?

Share in the comments and I’ll take a look and might share it on the next Weekly Review.

But first, here’s my fave quote for the week from author, Jeff Goins.

What do you think about this? Share in the comments or catch Jeff on Twitter.


New Shoots, Mark Tredinnick

I first stumbled across Mark Tredinnick when I came across The Little Red Writing Book, a marvellous exploration of all things sentency and was excited to attend a day workshop in Newcastle a number of years ago. That workshop sparked something in me and years later I am still reading his poetry, still flipping through the little red volume and still enjoying the places he takes my mind.

New Shoots can be listened to at The Red Room, where there is a lovely write up about Mark’s extensive achievements and contribution to Australian poetry and literature.

The Look My Soul Has, Anna Mosca

Screenshot 2020-05-18 14.29.57

I came across this poem late last week and it’s just vivid, simple and profound. Check out Anna’s blog – she has some really interesting things to share.

Something a little different

Virtual Poetic Art Exhibition

Smile Politely

I totally stumbled across this via Smile Politely and think it’s a very clever expression between art and poetry. Take a look!

Smile Politely New Virtual Poetic Art Exhibition 2020


Awakened to the Sound (instrumental version)

Future of Forestry

I came across this artist a long time ago and have always loved their vibes – Awakened to the Sound is so beautiful and uplifting and can’t believe I haven’t heard this album yet! It’s just so good.

Awakened to the Sound

I am a very heavy instrumental music user as I find lyrics often highly distracting so am always on the search for something refreshing yet unobtrusive. Future of Forestry has done it for me this time around and I dare say this will be on the high-rotation for a while.

A classical rendition of Daft Punk


This is a medley worth listening to even if you’re not a fan of their music in particular. And then why not just auto play their other tunes? Some fantastic instrumentals to get you going for the day.

Actually, definitely grab this one for your playlist – Millennium Megamix – Lockdown Session – Outstanding!

Blog Post of The Week

Reality-Based Characters Too Real?

from The Let’s Play Ball Blog

I found this a really interesting read. As a writer dabbling with fiction, I am prone to creating shallow predictable characters and tend to run for the hills from creating a character that feels like someone I know – only to find that I have done exactly that anyway!

I. Gould’s approach is refreshing and I encourage you to take a look and read this post.

Read post here.

Feel Good News

The Commission welcomes the appointment of Dr Ruth Vine

“Dr Vine’s appointment recognises the importance the Australian Government is placing on Australia’s mental health and wellbeing. Her new role will strengthen the coordinated medical and mental health response and decision-making to the COVID-19 pandemic, and support the delivery of mental health system reforms for all Australians,” said Ms Morgan.

“We look forward to working with Dr Vine to further strengthen the significant commitment the Commission has to ensuring that every Australian has access to the type of mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention support they need.”

Article continues…

This couldn’t come at a better time for Australians as we navigate a new kind of normal in our society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more Australians face hardship and subsequent stress, there will be an increase in people who may have no experience managing anxiety, depression, panic or other associated mental health problems and I am keen to see what Dr Vine brings to the table in the coming months.

Books of The Week

And Still I Rise Maya Angelou

An amazing read, detailing just some of Angelou’s poetry. I read this in just a few days, her writing really is that vivid and engaging and look forward to reading more. I also read I know why the caged bird sings, the beginning of a six-volume autobiographical journey, which took me to places in history I would never have been able to visit, let alone experience.

Vagabondage Beth Spencer

This is a fabulous, refreshing and enlightening read. Spencer’s poetry is laid out in a kind of journal-type format, taking you on a journey with her along winding roads, into isolated landscapes and regular iconic Australian life scenes. I found her imagery simple and relatable, profoundly connecting with my own journey at times and opening me up to things I have not seen myself and I really appreciated this about the book.

And Finally, something to chew on…

And that’s a wrap!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first Weekly Round Up.

If you would like to share some great reads, a thought-provoking article, art, poetry or music, or even a video or podcast you think is amazing, pop it into the comments below or contact me to share your finds! I will check them out and share them when I can.

Are you a poet? I’d love to hear from you and consider your work to share in a new poetry review, coming soon. Put your details below and add your website so I can stalk your cool thoughts 🙂

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