Be Imperfect

Imperfect(c)2020 Miriam E. Miles. All rights reserved.

We all need some courage

There’s a reason we’re all still here – why we don’t get swept up to heaven the second we become Christians.

It’s because we still need each other. We grow when we connect, tune in, and love on each other. We expand our humanity when we open up, become vulnerable to trusted family and friends, seek out wisdom from others.

We have a responsibility to set free our notions of being able to independently grow and strengthen ourselves through our own efforts. Whilst these efforts are indeed crucial to our personal development, they are not standalone, and without the community, trust, openness, and courage we develop through spending time with like-minded others, we will never fully outshine our former selves.

So be vulnerable, in community with people you trust.

Let your hair down. Cry. Laugh. Be opinionated. Be scared and angry and elated and excited. Be overly dramatic and under enthusiastic.

Be real.

This is how those around us will know who Christ is in us. Only then will we show others the true growth of who we are; the full depths of reconciliation that Christ has won for us. In this, all will come to know of the great grace poured upon our life and see the glory of God in us.

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