And so, she soars

She feared the tide – the ebb and flow of her mind’s capacity – for so long that she almost forgot the sound of it’s gentle swoosh along the shore, the pebbles of creativity pushed gently, purposefully forward.

Tide, Miriam E. Miles

Then one day the sun shone so brightly it stopped a wave in its tracks, the glisten blinding her for a moment, each bead hovering like newborn stars, and she breathed for the first time in an eon.

Awakened, Miriam E. Miles

Her spirit stirred from her slumber, the call of the Maker waking her.

She sat along the shoreline, surrounded by the natural world, listening, feeling, connecting with the Divine and her being began to transform.

And then, quietly but purposefully, she began to rise.

Spirit Arise, Miriam E. Miles

Opened up her wings. Lifted her eyes. And on the fresh current, she left her fears behind and soared into the new world before her.

Time to Soar, Miriam E. Miles

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