Month: May 2020

  • Maturing in Christ comes at a cost

    Maturing in Christ comes at a cost

    When the voice of God speaks it is to say a thing so necessary that all other things said around it fall away. We are quick to take every lovely thought and turn it into God’s words, and whilst they most likely are, they are not automatically his pointed speech toward our lives and direction…

  • Grit


    Never before have I felt the pull so strong, to put pen to paper, declare I belong on the page. The written stage –

  • Be Imperfect

    Be Imperfect

    There’s a reason we’re all still here – why we don’t get swept up to heaven the second we become Christians. It’s because we still need each other. We grow when we connect, tune in, and love on each other. We expand our humanity when we open up, become vulnerable to trusted family and friends,…

  • The Big Wigs and The Author

    Everyone called her an author, though she did not believe it herself until the day her words were recognised by The Big Wigs. The sad thing was that her words were always being recognised by those around her – her truest fans. Family and friends doing life with her.

  • Bloom


    As we allow the God of love and grace to unfold our journey one day at a time we provide space for him to speak and reveal that which will empower and mature us.

  • And so, she soars

    And so, she soars

    She feared the tide – the ebb and flow of her mind’s capacity – for so long that she almost forgot the sound of it’s gentle swoosh along the shore, the pebbles of creativity pushed gently, purposefully forward.

  • Breaking up with productivity

    Breaking up with productivity

    Dear Productivity, I am breaking up with you. Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you. In fact, I am breaking up with the band and going solo. Please let Time Management, Goal Setting, Getting Things Done and Busyness know while I appreciate their companionship, I have to move on.

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