How God speaks to me through a song

Moving sucks when you have to do it alone

Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash

Moving house is a pain but moving during a social lockdown, and at this unprecedented time when social distancing impacts your ability to move easily, has been quite surreal.

If you had a chance to read my post about having peace during this season of change, you’d know that we are about to relocate due to the impact COVID-19 has had on our circumstances. Normally we’d have a few friends who would jump on board and give us a hand but due to the current social distancing restrictions, this is just not possible. That means that me, the hubster and the youngest son are the pack mules and whilst it’s been a pretty smooth ride, it has its challenges. 

We’ve had to strategise, plan and execute our plan in a short timeframe, with no external support and still maintain a sense of hope despite moving to a place we’ve never been and have no idea if we’ll even like! But we’ve done a pretty good job at it, all things considered.

Sometimes God speaks in unusual ways during times like these

I woke up at 5:43 am, just before my alarm and had a song in my mind as I woke. This happens quite a bit but sometimes the song is so clearly relevant for what’s going on in my life that I have to take notice. 

I’ve come to learn that when this happens it almost always provides an opportunity for me to listen to what God might be saying to me as the words connect to the situation I might find myself in. Today’s song was the old faithful, Because He Lives. Here are the words:

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow

Because He lives, all fear is gone

Because I know He holds the future

And life is worth the living

Just because He lives

I don’t know the author of this song but it is one that I learned as a young child and every now and then it floats back into my world, and almost always at a time when I need a little reminder.

But what does a song, or a poem, or memory of any sort, do to help me during a time of crisis?

It’s not about the song: it’s about God reaching into my world


Photo by Michael Maasen on Unsplash

Hearing this song in and of itself isn’t that big a deal. It doesn’t do anything on its own. But what it does do is lighten my soul and give me a lifejacket during a time that on all accounts should be causing me a significant downturn in emotional stability.

It anchors me to the place where Jesus himself stands and gives me a point of reference for when things go crazy in my life.

And it reminds me to recall all of the times God has provided for me; when he has given me the strength to overcome the obstacles in my way; to stand firm on his promise of my future and to declare that my life is worth living because of his life in me.

Contemplating the ‘message’ from God helps keep my peace

If you haven’t read them before, I would find a Bible or go to one online and ask God to show you some scripture to help you through – Psalms 23:4 and Psalms 91 are great to get you going!

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

I would also encourage reading Jeremiah 29:11 – God has a plan for each of us – our job is to come into agreement with that and trust that he knows the future and has everything in hand even though we cannot see it clearly.

I am about to go and do all those fun things that come with moving house, but want to just remind you that despite all the crazy stuff going on right now, despite the unknown outcomes from this virus and the economic catastrophe being outworked, God has a plan for each of us and he has solutions for how we can best manage her personal world during this time.

Have you woken with a song in the night, or felt a scripture or memory surface right at a time when you’ve really needed it? I’d love to hear how God has strengthened you in difficult times too.

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