Phoenix Poetry Puzzle Piece #19

Watch the Phoenix Puzzle come together

03 Days to Go!

Here’s what’s happening if you missed it.

On and on we go with the random puzzle piece selection but just to review:

Each day I am releasing a puzzle piece from my upcoming collection, Phoenix, due for release Thursday 5th March 2020.


Thursday 5th March at 8:30pm

I will release Puzzled, a brand new poem constructed from these puzzle pieces – why? Just for fun 🙂 But seriously, it’s a brilliant way to work divergently with seemingly disconnected phrases and find a way to work them into a cohesive exploration of the ideas represented.

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SPECIAL 24-hour free download will be available from

7pm AEST 5/3/20 to 7pm AEST 6/3/20 only.

Puzzle piece #19:
rises -
no longer to stay silent...

Phoenix Cover Ebook 1.0Pre Order Now Available!

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You will receive an instant download to your device on Thursday 5th March. Look for it after 7pm AEST.

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Print Version Available TBC

I have had a number of people ask if I will be selling the book in print. I am working on this now and will advise here and on Facebook when it will be available.

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