Phoenix Poetry Puzzle Piece #13

Watch the Phoenix Puzzle come together

12 Days to Go!

Here’s what’s happening if you missed it.

On and on we go with the random puzzle piece selection but just to review:

Each day I am releasing a puzzle piece from my upcoming collection, Phoenix, due for release Thursday 5th March 2020.

On Wednesday 4th March, I will release a brand new poem constructed from these puzzle pieces – why? Just for fun 🙂

I hope you enjoy this little game – make sure you get ready for the launch of the book which will be available on Amazon for a 24-hour free download blitz. It will be first in best dressed!

Join me on Facebook and follow my journey into publishing and all things writing.

Puzzle piece #13:

Wellsprings of water-life to bring 

Into the dryness of my springs.

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