Phoenix Poetry Puzzle Piece #4 to #9

Watch the Phoenix Puzzle come together

16 Days to Go!

Here’s what’s happening if you missed it.

After a great start on this fun little project, I had some setbacks but am now back on track!

So to catch up, below are puzzle pieces 4 to 9.

Then each day I am going to release a puzzle piece from my upcoming collection, Phoenix, due for release Thursday 5th March 2020.

Then on Wednesday 4th March, I will release a brand new poem constructed from these puzzle pieces – why? Just for fun 🙂

I hope you enjoy this little game – make sure you get ready for the launch of the book which will be available on Amazon for a 24-hour free download blitz. It will be first in best dressed!

Going Live on Facebook Thursday 20th Feb!

This week on Facebook Live I want to share a bit more about how writing poetry has provided a safe space for me to acknowledge the hard stuff of life and work through things I cannot articulate.

Join me on Facebook Thursday 20th Feb at 7pm AEST and this time let’s hope my internet issues are solved!!

Puzzle piece # 4:

I have learned to carry in my quiver. 

Puzzle piece # 5:

His arms violently folding over 

	my tearaway heart, 

Puzzle piece # 6:

Some days my mind goes 






into the depths, unafraid.

Puzzle piece # 7:

Slip knots and reef knots

                   had my words bound.

Puzzle piece # 8:

Sometimes fighting looks like a woman

standing still, the blood dripping from her lip, her fists opening, her spirit distilling the chaos until

Puzzle piece # 9:

The ear of my spirit


The beat of my heart


The scratch of my pen

Deepens, scarring the page

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