Phoenix Poetry Puzzle Piece – #1

Watch the Phoenix Puzzle come together

Over the next 24 days I am going to release puzzle pieces from my upcoming collection, Phoenix, due for release Thursday 5th March 2020.

Each day I will release a phrase, sentence or stanza from a poem. I love the idea that some lines just stand on their own and look forward to sharing the rest of each one with you closer to the launch.

On the 4th March, I will release all the puzzle pieces as if they are one poem, creating a new piece entirely – a culmination of the journey if you will.

I hope you enjoy this little game – make sure you get ready for the launch of the book which will be available on Amazon for a 24-hour free download blitz. It will be first in best dressed!

Here’s the first puzzle piece:

But I have fallen into the arms of Morpheus. 

My words call from another world. 
I hear them but cannot reach them.

Going Live on Facebook!

Join me on Facebook as well each week as I go Live sharing about how I got to this point in my writing, why I decided to pull the pin and publish and what I have learned through this process.


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