Just Do One Thing

Society says:

Build your following

Society promises:

We’ll give you the keys 

Society shouts:

You won’t get ahead without ________

Society sneers:

Without popularity you will never make a difference

Is any of this true? Is any of it valid?

How is it that we are so easily swayed from the path of authenticity? That we are so easily manipulated to believe that we need the validation of others to believe we have something to offer the world?

I don’t have thousands of ‘followers’. And those who read my words, watch my videos and listen to my podcasts are not my followers. The thought makes me sick.

Do not follow me, or any other. Follow the Creator who made you. Who designed you for relationship and a life worth living. But do not follow me.

Be validated by this: you are loved. Cherished. Handcrafted by God’s own hands and breath.
Let that sink in.

And the screams from the world that sway you toward temporary and conditional validation will fade as you find your true worth in the One who laid everything down for you.

Listen not to society for society will only ever tell you what you want to hear and feed your need for validation. Once you experience the Source of validation, however, you no longer need to listen to the call of the many.



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