Find What Makes You Tick and Let it Energise You

Okay, so I am a little buzzed right now. Nothing life changing happened. I didn’t have some grand epiphany either. But I have been doing something in the past couple of weeks that has been slowly but surely shifting my thinking and giving me an energy I didn’t know I could have.

You ready for it?

I’ve been going out and spending time with people.

Haha! This is me totally energised after a simple night out with friends. LOL!

Yep. Like I said, not ground breaking. Not earth shattering. Yet totally mind shifting.

How do I know there is something happening? Because of the energy I seem to get from doing this simple activity. 

Here’s my little Facebook video I recorded when I got home from having dinner with a few friends. I’m glad I recorded it because watching it back I can literally feel the energy coming off my face! 

The other reason is because over the past two weeks I have had one day where I was totally alone for the day. And it was dreadful. Admittedly I was really tired and genuinely felt a bit low (my youngest left home this week) and didn’t feel up to being around people. 

But the difference was remarkable. 

I’m not suggesting that in order to be happy or content I need to always be around others. But I am suggesting that we must all find the things that make us tick; that bring an energy to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Because whether it be like me, where it seems that being in company on a regular basis with others energises me, or like my beloved hubster who gets recharged by being alone and insular, it matters in order to keep moving toward a healthier mind, body and spirit.

So I encourage you. Be you. Find the things that make you feel empowered and bring light and life to your life. And incorporate them into your lifestyle. What you’ll receive will be totally worth the effort in finding the things that make you come alive.
Love and blessings, 


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