101 Coping Skills for Writers With or Without Mental Illness

A great list from Lonely Blue Boy of wonderful and positive things to do as a writer, but even more so, as a creative who has mental health issues. Worth a look 😀

Lonely Blue Boy


  1. Start every day with a shower to feel more productive. 
  2. Exercise at least once a week.
  3. Change your desktop background picture. 
  4. Organize your personal computer’s files. 
  5. Eat a balanced diet. 
  6. Read an old book. 
  7. Watch your favorite TV show. 
  8. Watch your favorite movie.
  9. Watch a movie about writing. 
  10. Play video/computer games.
  11. Meet with an old friend.
  12. Listen to your favorite songs.
  13. Get a facial.
  14. Get a massage.
  15. Get a haircut.
  16. Plant some seeds.
  17. Write simple poetry.
  18. Watch Inspirational Ted Talks.
  19. Seek a therapist if you think or feel that you need one. 
  20. Buy a new book.
  21. Draw something. 
  22. Cry to release emotional tension.
  23. Play a musical instrument.
  24. Sing. 
  25. Get a fake tattoo.
  26. If you’re on any medications…. always remember to take them regularly. 
  27. Take a nap when you’re tired.
  28. Use FluxFlux to decrease your computer’s blue light at night so that you can sleep more comfortably at night.
  29. Pray.
  30. Find somebody…

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