Why do we procrastinate knowing full well the fallout?

I had a list. It was to do this week.

In fact, it was to do Monday. Then Tuesday, Wednesday… you get the drift.

I got a few things done but not all. And I ate way less frogs than I probably should have too. I just couldn’t get things together this week.

My usual routine in this situation is to castigate myself, you know, virtual cat-o-nine-tails style. I’m lazy. I’m careless. I’m undisciplined. And so on.

But this is the thing. I am not lazy, or careless. And when it counts, I am super disciplined. So what’s the problem then?

Today I thought about this more than I normally would. After all, I was procrastinating.

And I wrote a little thought piece about it. I like to write things like this because life often doesn’t give us straight answers.

We are almost always left with more questions than we started with, but I think that might just be the point.

Please enjoy my little thought process by clicking the link. Share with anyone you think might like a little bit of extra thought for their weekend 🙂

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Miriam E. Miles

5 responses to “Why do we procrastinate knowing full well the fallout?”

  1. Wow, that PDF art is awesome!! The torn paper is a great image, related to procrastination/not getting things done…I’m also a queen of procrastination so I can relate. I also navigate “the maze” you described…but you’re right, the choice is ultimately ours.


      • I definitely agree. I think sometimes we have to let our thoughts “cook” for a while in the back of our minds until they’re ready to emerge into a revelation. I wrote the first draft of my first novel last year and I “procrastinated” six months to re-read it! But I think I was able to see the text so much more clearly after that waiting period. Thanks for the Canva tip, I’m gonna check it out! That’s the second great software tip you’ve given me, I don’t know if you remember but you suggested Trello to me months ago and I’m still using it, it’s great for keeping track of all the various and sundry…and it facilitates “productive procrastination”! That is, things I want to do eventually and don’t want to forget about, I put on one list, for “someday”…haha


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