A Mental Health Reminder to the Me I Want to Be

Sometimes it’s good to do things that remind us to keep focussed on getting better. Because it’s pretty certain we are going to need to listen to that ‘me’ that got the revelation and stop listening to the one who is freaking out!

So it’s Monday. Mondays are a day that I waking up feeling hopeful that this Monday is going to be different.

But it never is. Every weekend that I manage to get in some decent mental health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing time into my days, I feel wonderful. I feel like I am finally getting to grips with what it means to truly rest and let myself be restored.

Then Monday comes around and all my peace and feelings of restoration run away and hide until the following weekend. On top of that, I find myself irritated, hyper-focussed, overly sensitive and struggling with self-deprecation.

I don’t know why I think this. It’s become such a core default in my thinking that I am finding it’s a tough one to shift.

And I am being honest because we all know that some days are just hard work and we don’t always have an explanation or a solution. And today is just one of those days.

On Saturday I spent a couple of hours wandering around the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney. It was wonderful, and I made a little video to encourage myself and anyone else happy to listen. Ironically, I didn’t think about the fact that I would probably need to listen to my own advice today.

So here is me, feeling restored, hearing God’s quiet voice speaking to me in a moment of connection. Me on a good day. Me, filled with peace and self-acceptance for where I am at this point in my life. This is the me I want to be today but am struggling to find. I hope if you’re like my Monday me, you will find encouragement and hope from my Saturday me too.



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