Ride the wave and plant the forrest

I’ve learned something important this week about running with inspiration. Sometimes it hits like a tidal wave and as we run to catch the crest of it, we see from a new height.

It’s in these moments that we should open up and create because as we do, we tend to birth the most significant portion of that creative work, in that one sublime moment.

But here’s the catch. Most of the time, that work isn’t complete. It’s the first flush, the first date impression which can carry us for a time but needs to be drawn out, deepened and nurtured in order for it to continue to grow.

So, when you get that moment, drop everything. It will be there when you return. The family will find food somewhere in the cupboard and you’ll end up with an extra layer of dust on the floor, but who cares? Let that moment surface, ride the wave and make the most of that creative flow.

Then, when you feel the inevitable drop, breathe deeply and begin the labour that brings that creative moment into its maturity and fullness.

Enjoy the blessing that came, bringing with it the seeds that plant the forest, and keep watering, knowing the labour will be worth the effort.

It’s from this dual discipline: listening to and working within the creative flow and nurturing the gift that is given during that time, that I believe the best work is born and the greatest observations and revelations are presented to the world.

Love and blessings,

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