Why I’ve decided to stop pitching and spend more time networking

Okay, I know it’s late, but I just have to write this. And yes, I am on a tangent. Brace yourself 🙂

I hate writing pitch emails. I forget to do it all. the. time. Then I’ll do three or four in a row and then totally forget again. It’s a vicious cycle. And I’ve had enough of being a part of the promise-seekers that this is the BEST way to reach out and get some opportunities.

The reality is, that if I want to write lots of guest posts, I am supposed to pitch to the big guns; the influencers, movers and shakers. I’m supposed to wave my little hands in the air and dance a jig and tell them I can write anything they want. I’m supposed to woo them with my fabulous writing skills and indulge them with my ability to make them look good.

But I have a pretty big problem.

I suck at copywriting.

There, I said it. I find nothing more frustrating and droll that spending hours working up a piece of writing that manipulates a reader into believing something that I just don’t even believe myself. I used to work in sales. I sucked at that too. There is definitely a pattern here.

Now, please don’t shoot me just yet. Copywriting is a work of art. I know some awesome copywriters. They are incredibly good at what they do. Copywriters are AMAZING people, and when copy is written well, it’s outstanding. It is a work of art.

I just suck at making that kind of art.

So here is my confession. I am choosing to stick with what I am good at. I am a connector. I get a massive kick out of connecting people together. I’m one of those annoying gals who feels an intense need to introduce everyone to everyone else at a party because someone might feel left out if I don’t.

I’m the girl who is spinning her wheels trying to work out how to get the shy person in the corner of the room to look less like they are being strangled and more like they are having fun.

And I am the guilty party for turning small talk into hard core heart stuff. I just have a knack for it 🙂

The bottom line is this: some folks are like Picasso and Michelangelo when it comes to great marketing speak and some of us are like a dancer with two left feet. We just don’t fit in that part of the writing world.

So I’ll stick to networking and empowering women and speaking heart stuff to anyone who will listen. And I’ll keep on facilitating conversations across cyberspace and making every opportunity I can to invest in others, because if I don’t do these things, I crumble. I dry up inside and a little prune-like me is not a pretty sight!

And while we’re at it, I also want to confess that I love writing about my own journey. That seems incredibly narcissistic, but there is a very good reason for it. I don’t know anyone else’s journey like I know my own! And I hate researching stuff too, so because I know my own shit really well, I’m pretty sure I can bypass most of the research and just do that thing… oh what’s it called again?

Oh yes. WRITE!

On that note, goodnight!

Be yourself,


2 thoughts on “Why I’ve decided to stop pitching and spend more time networking

  1. This is a refreshing perspective, especially from a talented freelance writer. I would never be able to do copywriting either. I went through a phase where I considered it, but I also suck at that particular type of art (sales). I’m honest to a fault. So thanks for sharing the tough stuff as well as the accomplishments!


  2. Thanks for the totally cheek blushing compliment about being talented. Gosh, that was a nice thing to see in my inbox! I think there is a growing realisation that not all of us have to work in the marketing side of the writing world to be considered valuable and once we grab hold of that understanding, stop fighting what we’re good and and just stick to it, we will start seeing the tide turn toward us.
    And I love that you’re so honest! It’s refreshing, isn’t it? But I get a sense that honesty is starting to become the new ‘cool’ thing to be, and isn’t that wonderful?


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