Gratitude Day 17: rainbows, unicorns and lollipops, oh, and My File Opened!

If you don’t know what happened to my beloved file wiht 7253 words in it, click here for the lowdown.

So after literally 24 hours, my file opened. A friend on Facebook (thank you David!) suggested I search for the file name and look for a previous version of the document. I have no idea how to do that with a Mac, so I just searched the filename and it popped up.

I thought, what the heck, it might work. And it did! Oh my giddy aunt. I have my words back!

As you can imagine, I promptly compiled, exported and saved those precious puppies into a word doc, on a USB and then made a new fresh file on my software and copied the text, saved it, tested it and it’s fine.

To say I am relieved is an understatement. So today I am grateful for technology and how sometimes, if we just give it a little time to process things, it sorts itself out. I have no idea how this little miracle happened, but I am chalking it up to some Divine Intervention 🙂

If there was any lesson I have learned in this, it’s to trust, be patient and implement as much muscle memory on the subject of self discipline (aka not running around like a headless chook saying the world has come to an end because I lost my 7253 words), and accepting that some things just happen without an explanation.

Like a file corrupting and not opening. Like that same file magically opening just moments after you’ve already tried the same way you tried the day before. Seven times. Then voila, it opens on that last attempt.

So, if you have a file freakout, or any other kind of issue you can’t control, I recommend you don’t waste a moment on being anxious about it (even though I did have a little cry on the way to church – hey, I was upset, you know?), and trust that in this day and age, almost anything can be fixed 🙂

And files of an important nature should be backed up in varying ways.

Love to you all. Have a wonderful day. Mine was already looking good. Now it’s rainbows and unicorns and lollipops 😀

Be a blessing,



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 17: rainbows, unicorns and lollipops, oh, and My File Opened!

  1. Such a lovely perspective on a near tragic loss of hard work! Trusting that things will work out is a much better use of time and energy than worry. Now I just got to get that message through to my brain. 😋


  2. Oh thank you! Gosh, yes, it was a bit of an interesting feeling – the thought of having to rewrite those particular things was a bit overwhelming as there are a few things in the book that I’ve not shared before. It was hard enough to write them the first time!
    But thankfully God saw to it that I didn’t have to go through that struggle again, to which I am grateful! I think it’s probably a daily message too – getting it into perspective!


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