The Dichotomy of Being a Creative and Planning Ahead

As it seems pertinent to the fact that it’s the 4th of March, and the year is quite literally marching along at breakneck speed, I thought to share a little strategy I’ve recently come up with.

I have followed some awesome bloggers over the past two years, particularly Carrie Smith from Careful Cents and Lacy Boggs from The Content Direction Agency, who write great posts about planning, scheduling and all things blogalicious. I’ve learned some cool stuff from them both, and you should check them out too 🙂

But something odd happened. I don’t seem to be able to follow a traditional editorial calendar. At all. I suck at it, actually.

And so I would spend hours organising all my posts and carefully curating content to go out amongst it all, weaving it in and out of my own work and being very clever, on paper. But then, wait for it, I’d usually forget a few days later that I’d even done this!


And I can’t use ‘baby brain’ as an excuse anymore 😛

Something had to give. So I tried, one. more. time.

And this is what I ended up with. Now, keep in mind this is still pretty fresh. I started using it a week ago, and am not at the stage where I can say that I have managed to achieve everything on the list BUT this is the first time a schedule has felt ‘normal’ for me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.52.26 PM.png

Here’s the link to a downloadable template – I’ve kept all my stuff in it so you can really see what it looks like. And so I can unashamedly plug my ideas (hehe).

But really, take a look and get a feel for what I am going for here. This is not your typical social media schedule. This is the kind of schedule, I hope, that will help other multipotentialites like me. Yes, that’s a word. Go here to find out more. No, I don’t get a goodie bag if you do, but you won’t regret it 🙂

Let me make note about being a creative and having to plan ahead. These two things don’t always like to work in tandem, and it creates what I call a dichotomous situation in my life. I plan because planning helps me to manage my anxiety but I hate following a plan because it can ruin spontaneity, or so my ‘creative’ self likes to say.

But the opposite is actually the case. Planning ahead is giving me a greater sense of freedom to be spontaneous, within the structure and the structure, in turn, gives me the peace I need to stay calm about getting it all done.

Sure, I could drop plenty of these things off the list. But where would be the fun in that?

Oh, before I forget, the idea behind this schedule is that you write down the different social media touch points you have, your networking groups you participate in, and of course, your blogging/ writing plans.

I’ve listed them in order of priority, with the blogs being the highest, and I start my writing time there each day. I have a two week roster at present, which may turn into three or four, as I refine my process. But as long as I get the blogs and emails done, I feel like I’ve made a good start and the rest are more organically organised throughout the day.

And keep in mind this is just a plan. Wednesday I ticked almost every area off. Yesterday I managed to edit and upload a scene of Reconciled and then spent the next hour writing inspirational quotes for The Author’s Virtual Assistant social media. I now have 7 weeks of quotes to publish. Wasn’t the plan, in the plan, but now I don’t have to…plan…

Anyway, enough said I think. I have another pie to stick my finger in so it’s time to say adios for tonight – have a great weekend peeps!

Love, blessings and pie,


Oh, and because I seem to like having a finger in every pie around, I started this little side project this week. Check it out. It’s for the girls, but maybe you know one who’d like a little love and encouragement 🙂

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