Cafe Review – Q&Co., Warners Bay, NSW

Last week I was in need. Of coffee. And a fresh environment. So I toddled off down to Warners Bay in search of these things and instead of going to my usual haunt, I kept walking, feeling a need to explore.

Even though I’ve now been living in Lake Macquarie for just over 14 months, I haven’t tried all the coffee shops, and let me tell you, there are a number of them! I don’t think I’ll run out of places to try 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.34.53 AM
Sorry guys, I stole your location shot as it trumped mine!


As I wandered down the Esplanade, I came across Q&Co., which, incidentally, was apparently a bit of a takeaway (unconfirmed though) with some treats on the side a while back and has been rebirthed into a cute, bustling happy space for coffee and cake devotees. I was drawn in by the large open doorway… and the flourless cakes in the cabinet.

Established in 2012 by Newcastle locals, Deb Sowerby and Kendall Sadler, the Letter Q is family owned and operated and has become a wonderful eatery for both locals and visitors providing a laid back space to catch up with friends and family.

I stalked their website (which is really cool, by the way!) to find out a bit more about this establishment. Here’s a few lines from the owners themselves:

Primarily a brunch cafe, the seasonal menu boasts hearty meals created with fresh local produce all prepared on the premises.

Each week custom orders are collected or delivered to events all over Newcastle and the Hunter.


Large cappuccino and a flourless salted caramel cake. Drool worthy.

After ordering a cappuccino and choosing a salted caramel block of tasty goodness, I sat down and took it all in. Simple, uncluttered, light and airy space. A little cramped due to the table arrangements but not a deal breaker.

I love to position myself and watch people, so I had found a little spot where I could watch both patrons and staff and enjoyed the friendly professional ambience that the staff have worked hard to build.

And the food? Okay, so the coffee was good. Not bitter, not overdone. I wouldn’t call it earth shattering, but the flavour was full bodied and enjoyable. The cake was delectable. Let’s just say I have a new found treat, which may or may not be a good thing for me!

I would have liked the cake to have a stronger ‘salted caramel’ presence, and a little warning that it had been heated up and was likely quite hot, would have been awesome (says my still slightly sore tongue!) but all in all, finding another cafe that provides flourless treats, of which I have been back and partaken of twice more (here’s my confession!), is wonderful.

Now that I have been back to Q&Co. for takeaway treats and another sit down with a friend, I can say that it’s worth hanging out in this cute and friendly establishment. I asked about the flourless treats and yes, they are made on the premises. They also have treats for people who like to consume flour, which I am told by my family, are quite decent as well.

I would recommend Q&Co. to anyone looking for a bite to eat (they provide meals as well, which I am looking forward to trying in the near future) and an array of beverages, are very well priced and service is quick and professional, even when the room is filled with patrons. You can chose from sit down tables and chairs, benches and stools inside, and a similar arrangement out the front if you’d like to take in the gorgeous view of Lake Macquarie.

Now, I love to share, so here are Q&Co.’s social media links and details for visiting. Please take a moment to check them out, support their efforts and give them a reason to smile today!

Q&Co. Social Media




Happy coffee shop hopping friends!


If you would like a review of your cafe, why not touch base with me today? I’m eager to try out your goodies, coffee and atmosphere and am not a stuffy food critique, but a genuine patron of all things delectable and love to share about the places I’ve visited.

So if you’re in the Newcastle, Hunter, or Central Coast regions, shoot me an email to and I’ll be in touch 🙂

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