The Weekly Roundup

It’s always a shock to get to Friday. And then a shock to see it’s 5:50pm! Although, this is my usual sense on a Friday afternoon, so I am not sure why I am always surprised by it. I hope you’ve had a fab week and achieved your goals, enjoyed good food and company and been of good health.

After last week’s inaugural weekly roundup, I figured it was worth giving it another crack.

What I am listening to today, to be inspired, is a collection of cruisey, chilled out tunes on Spotify. Yep. I caved. And I love it. Particularly the swooney honeyed tones of Chrissi Chochrane. Take a listen. I expect you’ll enjoy it too.

Without further ado, it’s sharing time. Get your mouse a-clickin and your pins a pinnin to save these top articles of the week. Listed in no particular order today – I just found these to be worth sharing. Enjoy!

For the Writers

What NOT to do when writing YA books

Writer’s Digest always has a bucket load of good articles to dive into and this article is no exception. Written by Jamie S. Margolin, a teen writer herself and she doesn’t hold back. This is a refreshing, short and informative article that will help you make sure you’re not making rookie mistakes if you’re writing for teenagers and young adults.

Here’s the link to the article. Check out what else they have here. Always plenty to read!

For the Mums!

10 Things I said Before Having a Child

Oh my goodness. Manic Mumma Blog’s write up this week was fantastic. A good giggle for all those mums and a great heads’ up to all those mums to be (and those not even close!). I love her candid attitude and heartfelt realisations. Definitely worth taking a snoop around her other posts and enjoying a spot of mumsie style reading.

All Things Human; Taking it a Little Deeper

Sensory Integration: Swinging Not Just for Recess

This week I have been learning more about mental health and came across this fascinating article about using the action of swinging…on a swing, to help children with ADHD and other sensory and mental health problems.

One of the key messages here is that “swinging has a powerful impact on the brain’s ability to process information (listening to the teacher) and it can provide that deep pressure input needed for children who struggle to stay calm or lack focus and attention in school.” Learn more about this here.

Why Some of Us Don’t have One True Calling

Emilie Wapnick is amazing. Watch this TED talk. Seriously. Multipotentialites, specialists and a new way to embrace your inner wiring. It’s changed my life. I’m not going to add much to this instruction other than if you resonate with her ideas, you’ll feel it to the core of who you are. Enough said. Now, go watch it! Then stalk her website and absorb it all!


Something from the experts

The Importance of Changing Mediums: Why We Need More Polymaths in the 21st Century

One of my favourite authors is Jeff Goins. I recently came across this article which feeds back into the TED talk above and it’s worth watching Emilie’s talk and reading this article in tandem. Learn about how important it is to have polymaths in society – and yes, polymath really is a word!

A touch of poetry to deepen your weekend


Take a deep breath and just dive in. This is an interesting site to explore. Paul F. Lenzi writes from the heart and you won’t be disappointed. Challenged? Probably, but not left wanting.

So that’s my round up for this week. If it’s been a tough one for you, my prayers are with you. If it’s been wonderful and enlightening, I raise a glass to your success.


Be a blessing,


Treasure the Treasure by Miriam E Miles

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