Great Reads for the Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! Gosh, it’s been one of those ‘how did we get here?’ weeks for me. I hope your’s hasn’t been too full on and that you’ve managed to tick all your boxes 🙂

I was thinking yesterday about the colossal collection of articles I have been saving to read, like, for EVER, and thought to myself, ‘Miriam, why be so selfish? Let’s share these great articles and be generous for once’. So I said ‘Sure, heck, why not?’ And then I said to myself ‘Why not, indeed?’

This conversation might be blamed on the fact that I have just discovered this AMAZING album and I feel like I have stepped back in time. Aaaaah. Nothing like a bit of jazz to finish off a Friday.

Anyhoo, as I said, it’s sharing time. Now, some of these articles relate to writers, and you know, writing stuff and others, well, they just relate to humans. Take your pick.

For the Writers

Lists of lists of lists for creative writing

So… turns out I’m a bit of a collector. I like collecting lists. Lots of them, it seems 😛 I started this board to encourage authors in my little Facebook group called Author HQ (shameless plug – here’s the link), and then just went a little overboard and now have a board full of wonderful inspirational lists.

Here you go. Knock yourselves out. You’ll never have another excuse to use the word said. Ever. You’re welcome.

The 10 Worst Story Openings

This is great. A relatively short but in depth look at some famous and not so famous opening lines and scenes of novels. The author has a desire to see bad lines removed from good novels and shares her insightful thoughts, in particular regarding YA novels.

Articles to keep writers from loosing their minds

My Pin Board collection for Authors

This is another pin board, so take a deep breath before you dive in. Now, let me say that I’ve not read EVERY single post here, but sometimes there’s just so much I want to read, I pin it. And this is the result 😛

But hey, you get to share in the spoils of my toils! Here you go, get cracking on a new reading list for the weekend and get inspired all over again!

All Things Human; Taking it a Little Deeper

Writer, or not, we all love to read something a little different now and then.Here are a few of my favourites.

All about Spoken Word Poetry

Sydney’s Spoken Word Scene. Check out the opportunities writers, you might just find a new area of interest and inspiration.

Are we sacrificing excellence in the pursuit of hyper-productivity?

This is short but deep. Great read and commentary on the speed at which our culture consume information and the expectations placed on creative people to complete outstanding work. Please, if you read nothing else on this list, read this one. 

Why we shouldn’t reward ourselves for good habits

Gretchen Rubin always, always has something interesting to say. And this is no exception. In this article, she talks about the value of habits and the reason we shouldn’t be rewarding ourselves. Worth a read and if you like her stuff, you’ll want to take a closer look at her books. Very positive, nurturing and realistic.

So that’s my round up for this week. I realise there’s not anything romantic on this list, but that’s just because I think Valentine’s Day is a bit of a commercial enigma that just makes us all pretty poor! But then again…




Happy Valentine’s Weekend.



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