Reconciled Chapter 2 A Family Feud

Thanks for your patience this week in waiting to read the next scene in my novel. I think I have this wonderful idea that I can work on this daily and get scenes whipped into shape to send through at least once a week.

I may be having a fantasy moment. But nevertheless, I will continue to work on this and keep you updated. Your encouragement is truly inspiring 🙂

Welcome to Chapter 2…

Reconciled Chapter 2, Scene 1

Hannah swung her tired feet from the car, shut the icy door and walked briskly to the front door of the house. Before she’d even turned the handle, she could hear the chaos ensuing. Bracing herself, she quietly slipped inside hoping not to be noticed until she could work out which room to avoid.

Hanna’s family was pretty normal really but they did have one thorn. Flynn, Hannah’s older brother, seemed like any other kid: full of beans, happy, a little too adventurous at times but a wonderful older brother to have. Flynn had always been a giver. He gave away toys, model cars he’d painstakingly built with their Dad and always found someone to give his lunch money to who had forgotten to bring food.

But by the time he had reached 14, Flynn became what everyone assumed was a pretty typical teenage boy. Moody and morose one day, excitable the next. Precocious. Opinionated. But then the moods got worse and the swings more random and more frequent. After what seemed like an eternity of arguments, slammed doors, holes in walls and intense artworks strewn across the hallway walls, things seemed to settle down and family life kind of just went on. Now 25, Flynn was known for being a wonderful, loving, benevolent man who’s gregarious nature sometimes landed him in hot water, but overall, was well liked and had a bunch of friends to share life with.

His penchant for generosity however only seemed to be increasing again in the past year or so and occasionally this caused friction between himself and his parents, who just wanted him to be able to support himself financially without going bankrupt. To make matters worse, he began doing other things too, like leaving a job early without telling anyone so that he could go and paint a mural on a wall that didn’t need painting or to buy a week’s worth of groceries for the homeless couple living in Brooklyn even though he would run out of food himself. These were pretty typical characteristics of his unpredictable behaviour and would end up costing him a number of jobs, leaving him between work, out of cash and landing back at home for weeks and months at a time.

Quietly closing her bedroom door, she threw her bag and laptop on her bed, sat down and took some deep breaths while replacing her heels with slippers. Her room wasn’t that far from the kitchen, where these arguments invariably occurred and the commotion was in full swing. This is bad, she thought. I don’t think I’ve heard Mum raise her voice for years, even with all the strange stuff happening of late. Hannah took another deep breath, made her way into the kitchen and slipped in relatively unnoticed due to the tension building in the room.

‘Flynn, you just don’t seem to understand what we’re saying. Your father isn’t trying to chain you up to a job you hate, or make you buy a house; he’s just trying to get you to see that you can’t just give your money away all the time!’, Grace pleaded, as she stretched out her hand to her son. Hannah’s chest tightened as Flynn sat further back in his chair, just out of reach.

‘Well, I’m sorry that you think that I can’t look after myself’, he replied as he got up to retrieve his jacket from the back of the chair. ‘I am an adult you know, in case you forgot! I just can’t see what the big deal is! You talk about following your dreams Dad, and becoming who you feel you’re meant to be, but then when I try and do that, you get all military on me. For God’s sake, it’s just a few bucks here and there. You’re just making a big deal out of nothing, again!’

‘Flynn, there is no need to get so upset. Just listen to your mother for once-‘

‘For once? For once? Seriously Dad? Come on, this is ludicrous. I feel like you just don’t know me at all and you think I am still a 13 year old. Well, I will give my money to who I want to give it to, when I want to. You’re just going to have to live with that’.

Steve stood eye to eye with his son, placing his hands on his shoulders so Flynn would actually keep eye contact. ’Really? Okay then son, so what are you going to do when you run out of money and have to move out of your apartment? That will be the third one this year! Where are you going to go then? Are you coming back home, again? You need to realise you can’t just keep coming back home every time things go south-‘

‘I am so sick of this! I don’t need your charity.’ Flynn launched himself free from his father’s grip. ‘I don’t want my old room. In fact, you can keep your precious little boy room just the way you like it, before I became a handful, because I’m not going to need it anymore,’ he yelled, and then, as if he’d only just realised she was there, locked eyes with Hannah. A moment lingered where she thought he might stop and listen to her, but instead he just glared back and left. He slammed the front door so hard the glass shook in the hall window, leaving Grace, Hannah and Steve silent and confused. Moments later, they jumped in unison as they felt the rev of Flynn’s motorcycle roar to life and scream down the street.


Chapter 2 continues here…

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(c)2016 Miriam E. Miles. All rights reserved. Please respect my copyright as I have worked so hard to bring this story to life and would be devastated to see it plagiarised.

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