Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Okay, so it’s confession time. I have had a case of the dreaded procrastination bug for the past three weeks. Yep. There has been absolutely no reason for why I have not posted this next scene, other than sheer procrastination which probably equals a touch of the fear of failure 😛

But never fear – I stand before you now (actually, I really am standing at my desk!) and I present to you Scene 2 of Reconciled 😀 It’s shorter, but I don’t want to move on to the next scene until Chapter 2, so here it is.

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Reconciled Chapter 1, Scene 2 Family Feud

It had been early afternoon when Hannah arrived at Mak’s and the room had been bathed in a wash of winter sun. Now, though, as the two women sat quietly talking about the past, the present and the future, the room was washed in soft Tiffany light. An old record player – vintage 1965 – played Ella Fitzgerald’s Summertime in the background and Hudson could be heard shuffling around in the kitchen; close by to help if needed, far enough to be discreet and diplomatic.

‘He’s just lovely Mak’, whispered Hannah, as they sat side by side on the day bed. Hudson had just brought in their third cup of tea, this time with home made shortbread to stave off dinner pangs and had plopped a luxurious merino/angora and silk knee rug over Mak’s legs which were now stretched out and laying on the ottoman. She always was too tall for most furniture and had had a bed custom made in her 30’s to accommodate her unusually long frame.

‘Oh yes, he’s the light in my day’ she said, half sigh, half speech. ‘We met in Hong Kong, you know?’

Hannah shook her head and encouraged Mak to tell her more. They talked into the evening, moving into the kitchen after Mak had shared about her soul mate, their travels and experiences. Hudson had prepared a simple but beautiful meal of roast carrots, potatoes and steamed beans. Being vegetarian, they opted for a large home grown portobello mushroom each, and Hudson expertly grilled it seasoning it with Himalayan sea salt, Moderna balsamic and a touch of lemon mertyl oil. Delicious was an understatement.

After dinner, and more discussion, Hannah reluctantly said her goodbyes. Hudson showed her to the door and gave her a bear hug that was stronger than Hannah would have given him credit for, his slight tall frame seemingly stronger than it led you to believe.

‘Take care Hannah. Mak said that you can drop by any time. You’ve really made her day today. Thank you for coming.

As Hannah drove off her mind spun with the day’s unanticipated events. So much time had passed. So much grief had grown. Was there any chance that her aunt and her mother could reconcile in time? As she gripped the steering wheel and changed gears to slide into the driveway she looked at the house she had lived in her whole life. Inside she knew that there was a family who shared, who loved and who gave, but also a family who felt pain, brokenness and grief. Was there any way that Hannah could be the link to reconciliation as Mak had suggested? Hannah couldn’t even reconcile what she’d just learned, let alone think about how her mother may take this news.

She turned the key and sat for a moment while the car ticked and clicked, the engine quickly cooling down in the cold night, and slowed her breathing once again. Only time would tell, she thought. Only time will tell.


Chapter 2 starts here

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(c)2016 Miriam E. Miles. All rights reserved. Please respect my copyright as I have worked so hard to bring this story to life and would be devastated to see it plagiarised.

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