Gratitude Day 15: Extra Energy = Cookies

So, you know how I’ve been on this Paleo thing since before Christmas? Oh, no? Well, I have. I started of with about half my diet being more focussed and have gradually removed types of food and introduced other things.

It’s been really interesting but there is one particular thing that seems to have been significantly impacted.

I have energy. 

I didn’t really realise this until today. I mean, sure, I feel like my sleep has improved and I am certainly eating a bucket load more veg than I was before but the energy thing has been the most palpable thing that seems to be changing.

Normally this would be me:

  • Up at 6am
  • Maybe make some breakfast but often end up having a coffee in lieu of food because my tum wouldn’t be good until later in the morning
  • Ready to ‘work’ around 8:30/9am
  • Make 2nd coffee
  • Get through morning and be STARVING by 12pm
  • Eat
  • Go into a food coma until 2pm
  • Make 3rd coffee
  • Work some more
  • Lose track of which day it is by 4pm
  • Drink 4th coffee and hope it works like those paddle things because I may have actually died
  • Drag myself through the rest of the day
  • Crash into bed around 10pm

This was me this week (and note that I have been weaning off coffee this week and am on day 2 without it today):

  • Up at 6am
  • Make and breakfast
  • Maybe go for a half hour walk if it’s nice outside
  • Ready to ‘work’ around 8:30/9am
  • Get through morning and realise at 1pm that I’ve still not eaten
  • Eat
  • Get back into work mode
  • Work some more
  • Maybe go for a swim if the weather is good
  • Remember that the family actually does need to eat today
  • Make and eat dinner (unless hubby or kid are doing it)
  • Make something, or water plants, or do something after dinner
  • Read before bed
  • Crash into bed around 10pm, or even closer to 11pm

Today I even baked! Yes, you read that right friends. History has been made. And not only that, I have baked twice this week, and the food has been edible! Truly!

Here’s today’s offerings – Deadly Double Chocolate Cookies which are an adaptation of these cookies made by Elena’s Pantry, which focusses on Paleo recipes and is a go-to for me on a daily basis 🙂

Evernote Camera Roll 20160131 152705.jpg
If you want know how I adapted them, download this Google doc


Clearly my days are not like this every day but this gives you an overview. For me, having the energy to go for walks, do laps in the pool, keep the house tidy and think ahead about food, and still have energy at the end of the day has been a lifelong battle.

It’s just always been hard.

Now I am planning meals, and actually making them! I even made my own multiple schedule meal planning template because we have a household of five and five different schedules.

I have herbs growing (actually growing!!!) and am eating freshly picked lettuce from my back yard.

So, cookies aside, I feel that after removing grains (except rice) from my diet, increasing my veg and meat intake, introducing turmeric golden paste to my diet and eliminating coffee, I may have found something that works for me.

I am not one to try and convince others of my views so I’ll just leave you with the evidence 😀

I hope you have an amazing week and find opportunities to bless those around you.


Be a blessing,



2 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 15: Extra Energy = Cookies

  1. Whatever works. Good for you! It being January… oops February n’all I’m trying to zing up energy levels as well, but this time by exercise. Seems to be working – although ‘candles’ and ‘both ends’ doesn’t quite gel with the good consequences. However, snap on the turmeric. Goes well in protein shakes and well, can’t do any harm, can it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right Vesna – candles and both ends, I love that! I’ve been ramping up the exercise as well (which really is just more swimming in our lovely pool and a few brisk walks around our suburb) and I really do think that activity begets activity. And the turmeric is good, easily the best way has been in a smoothie or in muffins which I call my Indian flavoured bacon and egg muffins, which no one else wanted to eat 😛 But I liked them 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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