Am I a Blogger, a Poet or an Author?

I’m having a little bit of split identity here – I write in all these styles, and others, and so often here the phrase ‘niche yourself’. Apparently I am meant to niche myself.

Um, well, that might be fine for some people, but I’m not like some people. Sorry. I am one of those gals that questions almost everything, asks copious rhetorical questions and can’t stand text that doesn’t have a visual aspect to it.

This is possibly why I am a little bit of this and a dash of that. Also, I think it’s like food. Writing in only one genre, or one style might be bad for my health. I need variety. Don’t we all need variety?

What if I was only to write poetry with an Australian bush theme? That may have been awesome for Henry Lawson but it just don’t fit this mould well. And my rhymes are spew-worthy when I try too hard 🙂

Nope. I think I’m stuck with multiple-style syndrome. At least for now. And the more I write and share, the more I feel okay with my own quirks. The more I see myself for who I am – it’s like my very self is emerging on the screen and I am seeing me, and seeing more clarified parts of me, more often.

I’m getting used to the view.

Anyway, after a day of working on my first chapter for Reconciled and redrafting it for a submission for a course, I am all typed out. I’m thinking of adding it here and sharing about the experiences I’m having as an ’emerging’ writer. Funny phrase, since I am 41 and apparently have been ’emerging’ since I was at least 5.

Just call me slow release fertiliser.

Watch this space for the first peek of Reconciled in the next day or so 🙂





6 thoughts on “Am I a Blogger, a Poet or an Author?

  1. Hi I just stopped in to take a peak at your thoughts on niches and I agree with you and I feel its labeling and I refuse lol! I am 47 and have always written but gave it up for a long while until I left my ex. Now in redefining who I am as a woman I found blogging! What an adventure it has been!!! I use my blog to express me and I feel its simple and maybe a bit plain since I started blog from a cell phone app. lol it has been only 2 or 3 weeks now and I actually feel fresher and more balanced. As far as my writing skills well they need help. That is why I have a blog too is to learn from others. I write and reblog things that interest me or I find the writing challenges very fun too….anyway done with my babble I look forward to reading more from you. Happy blogging!!!!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts! Wow, you’ve really been on a tough ride, haven’t you? I hope this new season is filled with incredible clarity and blessing for you. Just keep writing. It’s the best way to learn – and use a program to help you with grammar, spelling, etc. I use one that I love and I’ve learned so much about my bad habits from using it. Also, read really good books by top quality authors. You’ll learn just through reading their work, I promise! All the best 😀

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      1. Thank you very good advice but can you answer me a question? Is there a free grammar and spelling program you know that is good to use? That would help me so very much!! thanks for your time!


      2. Of course. I use Grammarly. I used the free version for a good twelve months then splashed out for the paid version. Both very good and worth the cost. I’ve also heard that Hemingway is worth a look.


      3. wow, thank you again nobody told me this type of thing was out there to use. doing it all from the app w no editing tools at all made me feel like I wasn’t being serious about what I wrote. Happy blogging and wonderful tip!


      4. You’re welcome. And remember that a writer writes because they can’t not write. How you put the words down doesn’t matter. It’s what’s inside you that you reveal to the word that matters. That’s what makes you a writer 🤓


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