What if we’re not all meant to think straight?

Are we all meant to think straight?

This question came to me this morning while I was trying to have 15 minutes of still and quiet time.

The birds were going nuts outside, I had to move from the lounge room to the bedroom as I could hear my lovely neighbours chatting privately and felt really uncomfortable with that and my ceiling fan seemed to be hitting that nerve in my hearing that set of a session of loud tinnitus.

Geesh, I said to myself. I just need everything to slow down so I can think straight.

Suddenly I felt God speak quietly to me and ask me this question: is everyone really meant to think in straight lines?


This really made me stop.


Hold on a minute, why haven’t I thought about this before? And why is it that we, in general are often heard saying things like this?

I just need to think straight.

I wish everything would quieten down so I could think straight.

My mind is in knots. I just need to straighten things out. 

For the record, my thoughts often travel in multiple directions; and often times these directions aren’t even circular, but resemble more of a rambling pathway with many of them intersecting at different points along the road.

I asked a couple of girlfriends at church today what they thought about this. One said ‘I love the way your mind works’ and the other just nodded and said she thinks her thoughts resemble more of a zig zag than anything else.

mountain path zig zag


So I’m not alone then. Maybe no one is straight down the line when it comes to how our minds operate.

This concept has kept me thinking all day, and what I’ve realised is that I don’t think in straight lines. In fact, I think it changes, depending on the kind of thinking I need to access at the time. And sometimes it splits apart and finds its way back together again.

multiple forrest paths.jpeg


I realise that most of these questions are probably answered scientifically and welcome some input from you if you know some cool stuff. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll already be familiar with my questioning, my quirky rhetoric and my idealistic temperament. If not, welcome down the rabbit hole 🙂

I’m no scientist and yet I find myself pondering these topics on a regular basis – so back to the question at hand: What if we are not all meant to think straight?

If we can remove ourselves from the concrete and linear concept of:

‘thought seed germinates – seed grows – seed is explored – concept or questions arise – answers are sought – research is conducted – potential answers are found – answer is chosen – thought is concluded’ –

– then maybe we can more easily accept that sometimes our thoughts might actually need to ramble, roam and discover ideas and answers down rabbit holes, along forgotten or forbidden paths and through doors that we can’t see through.

Door amongst foliage

So, if there is any relevance to my very non-linear thought process, is it plausible that in fact, I am not alone and that maybe most of us are less linear in our thinking than we think we are. 

Therefore, if we travel down this path where thoughts are anticipated to be nonlinear, it would make sense to question the reason our thoughts travel in these non circular and non-straight lines.

At this point in time, I would need to research to do it justice to these very open-ended questions, so for now I think I will just ponder the question and leave it open to discussion.

Maybe you have thoughts to add, so the floor is all yours. Below are some extra questions to get the ball rolling…

Do you think that we all think in straight lines? If so, why?

Do you think this is just a metaphorical way of talking about our thought processes or do you think we actually think in nonlinear patterns, and if so, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

If we don’t think in actual, or even metaphorical straight lines, where do these places take us? Are they meant to take us places that we inherently resist not realising that the answers may lay at the end of each road?

With love, and a little bit of crazy,


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