Opportunity to contribute to a blog post – Tips on How to Stay Out of Office Mode while on Holiday

So today is supposed to be my last day of work for the year – self imposed, self directed. I still have work to complete that I think might be done today but I am not convinced it will be.
This leads me to wonder how I am going to manage the challenge of not working while on my two week break, especially since my office is in my house, next to my kitchen 😀
So, how many people are ‘finishing up’ their work schedules today?
So I am going to write about this today and publish the post either today or tomorrow. Here are a few questions to chose from to answer in the comments below:
1. What do you do to keep yourself from working on work stuff while your on your break?
2. How do you minimise your chances of getting distracted when you work from home but are on a holiday break?
3. How do you manage the ‘guilt’ factor – the emotional side of not working and staying focused on family, friends and personal wellbeing?
If you have a website to link back to, please add it in with your response so I can add that link in for my readers to visit you.
Merry Christmas and much love,

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