Gratitude Day 12 – It’s the Little Things

Just a quick post today to say a BIG thank you to the people who have begun supporting me and buying my little eBook, It’s Just Time to Be You over the past week or so.

The book only has a dozen or so pages, and is designed to get you thinking about who you are and where you want to be, how you want to do life, etc., and so it’s set at just $4.95. My hope is that lots of people feel they can afford a little eBook to read every now and then and do some more deep thinking 😀

And so far, I have had 4 wonderful people encourage me more than they probably realise. This is total transparency here – I really have just sold 4 books. But that’s 4 books more than the week before. And that is 4 people who felt that maybe my words might resonate with their current place in life. That’s 4 people who feel ready to think about something deeper.

So, to those amazing, generous and lovely customers, I say thank you. For it’s the little things, like you sharing with your friends that you bought my book and sharing the link to them, and the fact that you let me know you bought it to support me – these are the thing that really make my heart sing, not the dollars in the bank.

May every word in this book, and every word in every other book and work I produce be words that matter, that resonate with you and bring you encouragement, edification and joy. Because this is what you’ve given me.

Much love and thanks,


Here’s the link to my little store. I’d love it if you feel happy to share it 😀

It's Just Time to Be You by Miriam E Miles

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