Gratitude Day 10

So today has been a home day and I actually believe that home days – where you intentionally choose to steer clear of shops and outings – are vital to mental and physical wellbeing. 

Now, I’m not naturally a home body. I love shopping, cafes, hustle and bustle, the vibe of a colourful and inspirational environment that I can be stimulated by. 

But I also recognise that now and then I need the head space where I can pretend I am the perfect Stepford Wife, baking goodies and keeping house. Catching up on the homely kinds of things in life. Spending time with the family. Pottering around the garden that the gardener does an amazing job keeping alive. 

The point is that when I have these days it reminds me how simple life needs to be. We over complicate so much of our time. But if we just make the effort to stop once in a while and smell the roses (pun intended), we keep everything in perspective. 

So today is one of those rose smelling days. I’ve pottered. I’ve read (by the way, if you’ve not read Patrick Ness yet, stop reading my post and go and buy The Knife of Never Letting Go. And get books two and three while you’re there). I’m 2/3rds through The Ask and The Answer. Outstanding. 


I’ve also pulled out my grandmothers old Bernina sewing machine and found that it still works. I have a bunch of old material just begging to be used and now I think I might be so inspired! 


To finish out the day, I made a new Paleo flat bread and helped Andrew make fishcakes. Georgia made a fresh tzatziki and it was Yum-o! 



All in all its been a great ‘home body’ day and as I stay away from shops, cultural pressure and to do lists, I give myself the chance to reconnect with my heart, mind and soul. 

So what have I learned today? 

Stop. Regularly. Make it a habit. Breathe. Think. Pause. Experiment. Be with those you love. Life is short. Don’t forget to be in it as much as go through it. 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! 

Much love, 


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