Living inside the wall and all that’s inside

For a long time I have run a number of blogs to try and make sense of who I am. Sorry if that sounds selfish, but I am just realising this as I type these words! I’ve had about 10 of them over the years and basically compartmentalised myself in order to see what part of myself people would like to know the most.

Like I just said, I had no idea until this very moment that I was doing that. Wow. I’m having a mind-blown-moment.

Universe and man.jpeg


But that’s totally okay. For now, these blogs still represent the various facets of a multifaceted being, so feel free to poke around them. One day I will have one blog that is just me, or maybe I won’t.

Today I want to talk about what it’s like living inside the wall. The wall represents my mind and years ago I was doing some drawing and as I write this I finally see what it was I was doing. Unfortunately I didn’t write the date on this picture but it would have been around 2007.

FullSizeRender (1)
Living inside the wall by Miriam E Miles.

I could never understand why I didn’t finish this picture, because it always felt unfinished, like much of what I put my hand to. But now that I see it here I realise that there is a really good reason – I am not yet finished. 

I am not by any stretch of the imagination an ‘artist’ but I find at times that art, and the process of making art, is the only form of expression at the time that I can use. The same goes for writing and making music. They express a particular idea, feeling, emotion, or thought.

A new way to express these thoughts

I’ve started writing yet another blog (well, there’s a shock!) and I’ve called it Living Inside The Wall. You can read the first post here.

I want to use this space in particular to write about this internal journey – not from a spiritual perspective necessarily or even one that talks only about mental health, but one that merges these facets of who I am.

Not everything I write is fluffy and happy. Sometimes the words that string themselves together form deep and intense expressions of my mind, spirit and body and I need to have a space where they all make sense together.

So if you’re looking for deeper writing, this is where you’ll find most of it. Some will even be creative writing that is fictional and some of it might be poetry but overall it will be the more serious expression of who I am.

Living Inside The Wall is my attempt at expressing, and therefore, processing who I am living inside the wall. This is a space where you might want to leave any preconceived notions of who I am at the virtual door and I hope that when you visit, you’ll feel like you might know me a little be more. 🙂

Much love,




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