The Cafe Review – Hippo’s, Warner’s Bay, Lake Macquarie

Today I had a little breakfast date with my son’s girlfriend, Georgia. It is so nice to be able to catch up, just us two, every now and then without the lads getting in our way!

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.00.10 AM
Hippo Espresso, Warner’s Bay
As we were sitting in one of my favourite local cafe’s, Hippo Espresso, which is located on the Esplanade in Warner’s Bay, I realised that probably my favourite personal past time is to visit local coffee shops and cafe’s where I can eat good food, drink coffee and write.

Then I realised that my penchant for all things cosmopolitan might be of interest to other locals and readers alike, so hence The Cafe Review has begun!

I’ve been living in Lake Macquarie now for just over 1 year and I love it. Off the top of my head, just in the local area alone, I think I have frequented at least eight different cafes that provide a variety of drink choices, culinary delights and ambience. Of course there are more, and my plan is to visit them and write about how they make me feel as a customer, not as much about the art of food itself.

Hippo Espresso, or as is commonly known just as Hippo’s, is always busy, bustling and alive with a decent playlist, quirky light fixtures and of course, coffee, cakes and meals. They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner menu’s and are what I would classify as a mid-range in price: not too dear, but just pricey enough to keep me from being there more than once a week.

Today’s food selection – Vegetarian Munch and a regular Cappuccino 

Vegetarian Much, courtesy of Hippo Espresso, Warner’s Bay
What was it like today? 

The food is generally pretty good here and I love their Potato Rosti dish but as I am trying to work Paleo into my diet, I ordered the vegetarian breakfast, minus the toast, hash brown and baked beans.

Our lovely lady took our order and didn’t bat an eyelid at my requests and when the food arrived, the Chef had kindly added to my plate a portion of smooth and cool avocado, extra mushrooms and perfectly cooked asparagus spears. The plate was alive with colour and included two perfectly cooked poached eggs. They always do great eggs!

Every establishment has good and bad days and today was decent. If there was only one criticism, it would be that the plate of delicious vegetarian offerings was under seasoned and like I’ve already mentioned, was great, with the only let down being the lack of subtle flavours like balsamic or even a bit of relish.

What was the coffee like? 

As usual my coffee was fine. I really love the ambience at Hippo’s and the staff are always friendly, professional and organised, so I accept that the coffee, for my personal taste, is sometimes a little too bitter.

It’s a small price to pay though for an establishment that insisted on giving me a coffee on the house when they forgot my order recently. I was impressed with the care and attention given to me that day as I was feeling a little tired and low. It really made my morning.

Would I recommend Hippo Espresso?

I would recommend Hippo’s for a number of different reasons.

  1. The staff – always friendly, always busy but always attentive
  2. The food – great selection with modern appeal and happy to alter orders for fussy eaters
  3. The vibe – this is a great place to meet new business colleagues, catch up with friends (mums groups love it and you can reserve tables as well) or just sit alone and… um…write…

So, if you’re looking for a wonderful, bustling vibe with great food and an excellent selection for even the fussiest of eaters, go to Hippo Espresso.

They’re open from 6am in the mornings for the early risers – just remember to get their early on the weekends if you want more than a two seat table as they are super busy Saturday/ Sunday!

To the staff at Hippo – you’ve made my writing times more enjoyable and my days when I need to just sit and think without feeling rushed out the door, worth coming back over and over. Thanks for that 😀

Until next time,



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