Gratitude Day 1

So, with NaNoWriMo over for the year, I thought that being in the habit of writing something on a daily basis was great and even though I didn’t end up writing every day, I certainly wrote a lot more than usual.

With this in mind I am inspired to finish off the year with a bit of thanksgiving and gratitude. It’s not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination but deep down I know that I have learned so much, grown a ton and still weigh as much as I did in January.

Well, I suppose 2 out of 3 ins’t too bad!

So my gratitude for today is this:

I have learned possibly one of the most relevant and powerful lessons for my life this year. How I respond to circumstances directly influences the outcomes I encounter. It is a cause and effect balance and the more I pace myself and think things through the more I find I am able to manage.

I am grateful for this lesson despite the challenge that it has been. I am grateful for the revelation of my own weakness in this area and that I have been shown these weaknesses in order to attend to them.

I am grateful for a family who walk this path alongside me, learning with me and from my own mistakes and triumphs.

With this I leave you for today and hope to write again tomorrow. May the rest of this day bring new insight and revelation to your own life.

Much love,


p.s. Please share your own thoughts on gratitude in the comments or head to the official Facebook page to share. Let’s build each other up and encourage one another to be all that we can be.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 1

  1. I like your Gratitude Day idea Miriam. It is good to take stock of all the things we are grateful for, every so often. Maybe even writing them down, so that we can see it in black and white. Can be quite encouraging when you do that.


    1. Totally agree with you Donna. And there are many experts that state that when we intentionally put our minds into a positive and grateful state, we change our brain chemistry as well as our moods. Incredible how powerful thankfulness can be 🙂


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