Bumps in the road

It wasn’t until we were in bed that I realised that I had not written a blog post yesterday. I felt fine. I wasn’t sick and didn’t have a serious emergency. I just plumb forgot!

Did the world fall apart? Did the potholes of my life interrupt my ability to communicate? Did my social media presence spiral into the black hole of forgotten blogs? Did I loose any clients?

image by miriam e. miles
image by miriam e. miles

No, no, no aaaaaaannnnnndddd no.

There are many times in my life where I have tried with gritted teeth to do all the things expected of a small business to do in the 21st century: keep my finances organised, plan ahead, set goals and achieve them, run a social media campaign and run a well organised and easily navigated website, and, and, and…

Well, instead of doing all that yesterday I did what mattered yesterday. I wrote what was burning on my heart to write and it wasn’t even my novel for the NaNo challenge. I wrote about the expectations we all have put on us from a wonderful yet totally overwhelming community of inspiring and motivating business folk who we only meet in cyberspace and who have no idea whether our names are male of female. They sometimes even email us with our username as the greeting. I personally love the ones that come through greeting Mr Miriam or Mimsie74 – they really make me feel special.

In fact, the only other things I did yesterday were to focus on getting some work done for a couple of clients and spending some time with the family. I actually didn’t write a single full stop on the novel and it’s amazing how much my world has stayed intact!

What have I learned from this? Sometimes words force their way to the surface and must be said. They compel us as writers to speak to the world for them. They cannot speak to the world unless we first listen. Sometimes i just have to ignore my preconceived notions of what I need to do on any given day and go with the flow that arises in the moment.

I am still on 18016 words today. It’s 12:28pm and the morning was spent working on my website instead of on my novel. It may be that way for the rest of the day. Oh well. The only person that I need to commit to in this challenge is me.

What can I leave you with today?

Going with the flow doesn’t mean you’re not organised and being organised doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible and go with the flow. The two can work in tandem and in fact, can compliment each other harmoniously, allowing room for us to both manage our unpredictable lives (because in fact, life is the very definition of unpredictable!) and keep our obligations met. It’s just us who have to recognise the two, respect their place in our lives and trust that despite it all, the work will still get done.

I hope if you’re also experiencing a little unpredictability that you’re able to breathe, take stock and move forward without feeling like you’re spinning out of control.

Much love and peace,


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