Don’t sweat the small stuff…

Well, today has already been a rush and it’s only 10am! And as life tends to do, I had a day full of unanticipated events that then had to be managed, personal anxieties corralled and presence of mind kept in tact!

But this is life, isn’t it? I am often intrigued by people who feel that they’re not really living yet (and yes, I’ve actually been one of these people!) because the reality is that we are living. It may not look like our ideal version of what we want, but we are living regardless and every day spent waiting to live is a day tragically wasted.

And when everything is said and done, how I respond to the people around me is beyond more than important compared to the kind of life I am living. Regardless of the circumstances, big or small, my life is one that has the opportunity to connect and support with the people who make that life worth the effort.

Tiny fingers of newborn baby in mother hand

Anyway, back to the point 😀

Word count yesterday ended at 1054. Which was pretty decent considering the way the day unfolded. My intentions to write out the scene I mentioned yesterday were not met but the relief of knowing the ideas are in print right now is tangible.

I can write that scene any day I want. This morning, in keeping with my revelation about writing scenes out of order, was realised – today I wrote a scene that won’t transpire until at least chapter 2, maybe even chapter 3, but I felt like Hannah wanted to share what was going on for her in that scene. So it’s now written, well, not quite finished, and has brought the count up to 1950.

So what is the lesson today? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Yesterday didn’t go to plan but because I had written in the morning I felt peace that I had at least something on the page. Anything else was then a bonus. I am still aiming to get 1667 words a day – which means 50K in 30 days – and have a few days lined up just to write so it will all pan out in the end.

I will keep you guessing as to what today’s scene was but suffice to say it includes a police arrest, accident and hospital visit.

Here’s my thoughts for you today:

Set a goal and do everything you can to achieve it, but never achieve it over the needs of those you love. They are your story and the most relevant and vital one to develop and hold on to. Other stories will come but if you don’t’ maintain this one, none will matter as much.

What’s your story look like? What matters most in your life? Don’t forget to share and comment so we can support one another!

I pray that today, as you meet the challenges you’ll inevitably face, you will face them knowing that each step forward counts to building you into a deeper, more resilient and more focused person.


Miriam 2015Miriam E. Miles has a finger in quite a few creative pies – her personal writing includes poetry, short reflective pieces on family, identity and spiritual awakening and her work life is spent helping clients build authentic and engaging social media connections.

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