And… We’re off!

I woke this morning and felt like something had shifted in my mind. A world of words, scenes, characters and secrets awaited me and as I sat with my bagel and coffee I felt like it was time to set them free.

image of a young woman writer at the table with typewriter

Within 45 minutes I had my first scene – booyah! But oh, wait, here’s a problem. It’s now time to go to church, so up I hop, teeth, shoes, bag, and off I go. I felt really pumped about what I had written but something wasn’t quite right. It was like the scene was missing that oomph that you usually experience in the first scene of a good book. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but then, boom! I needed some significant emotion to level the playing field and make everyone scatter.

So then, while I was supposed to be paying attention in church, I quickly jotted down a few points of my ‘new’ first scene. Feeling relieved that I was not going to forget the ideas, I settled in and enjoyed the morning.

The funny thing was that our Pastor talked about how to shine in a world full of darkness. I thought the message was incredibly appropriate since my story is about how a broken family finds a way to reconcile their differences and there will definitely be a bit of a spiritual undercurrent to the story – perfect timing, as usual 🙂

Anyway, I’ve since spent another half hour or so working out more details for this new scene. It’s currently in a narrated format (as in, Hannah did this, Flynn did that, etc.), so still needs to actually be written. But it feels solid and now I have a way to strengthen the storyline that I didn’t have before.

What is my point in all this? The lesson I have learned today is not to assume that I will uncover scenes that run chronologically. I may actually write them completely out of what I perceive to be the right sequence – something I had not anticipated! – but I feel strangely okay with that. It’s almost like I am going to write scene by scene but in a way that just comes naturally rather than in a linear fashion.

So the thoughts I want to leave you with today?

Life, much like fiction, rarely moves in a linear and logical line. In fact, if it did, we may be the most boring species in existence! Hang on for the ride, don’t ask the Driver where we are going, and have a great time doing it!

That’s all for today. As I am still planning to flesh out the new scene later on, I want to save my brain matter 😛

May your week bring new ideas that enable you to unlock your life in new ways.


cropped-miriam-2015.jpgMiriam E. Miles has a finger in quite a few creative pies – her personal writing includes poetry, short reflective pieces on family, identity and spiritual awakening and her work life is spenthelping clients build authentic and engaging social media connections.

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