To Plot or Not to Plot…

So  I was all geared up to develop my plot this morning. It was scheduled! BUT yesterday I read an article about not plotting and realised that it would be a tragedy if I spent all my time working out my story and ended up feeling like I am working rather than creating.

Here is the article if you’d like to read it. 

Now this leaves me with the reality that I am going to fly by the seat of my pants instead. I do have a storyline and dot points on the major things that are going to happen, but the more I really think about it the more I realise that it’s okay to just have that and not go any deeper.

This is what I’ve realised:

It’s better for me to be surprised by an unfolding plot – this way both you and I are on equal footing as the story continues. This way, I feel like I let my characters reveal themselves to me rather than me control who they are.

And isn’t that the point anyway?

Now here is the tricky question for the day: Do I share anything about my story while I am blogging or do I just blog about the process of getting through NaNoWriMo for the first time? It’s a tough one.

Shall I tell you, or not-

On one hand I really want to introduce you to my characters but on the other hand, I am not sure if they will be the same people at the end as they will at the beginning. Is this a normal thing for a fiction writer to experience?

I have no idea. Maybe you do? Have you been through this process already? What tips would you give to a freshie like me?

I’d love to hear your experiences on participating in NaNoWriMo, or if you’re a seasoned fiction writer, what your writing hacks are for getting the story onto the page.

Oh, and just incase you’re not aware, I run a little business that helps authors get their finished manuscripts into print, and part of this is a Facebook group called Author HQ that has a dozen or so writers in it. If you’d like to join the group, please feel free and click this to send your request. 

That’s about it for today. Two more sleeps before I can begin. I’m getting a little excited!

May your weekend be smashingly amazing and memorable,


Miriam 2015Miriam E. Miles has a finger in quite a few creative pies – her personal writing includes poetry, short reflective pieces on family, identity and spiritual awakening and her work life is spent helping clients build authentic and engaging social media connections.

To chat with Miriam email her at

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