The Blurry Days

Do you ever have blurry days? Where you find it hard to recall what you did an hour ago and find yourself losing time? Yeah, I’ve had two of those in a row.

Time by Miriam E. Miles.
Time conquers all, but does it really? Photo by Miriam E. Miles (c)2015.

I can happily blame the first one on the jet-lag feeling of a very late concert-of-the-year night, 4 hours sleep and dragging myself through Monday chores but I thought today would be better. I thought I would spend some time developing my plot for the NaNoWriMo challenge. I thought I would write a blog post.

Nope. Nope. And….nope.

One thing I have become acutely aware of over the past year is that I don’t possess the consistent levels of energy I crave and that there are times when the balance of rest has to be greater than the expense of energy in order to maintain normal energy levels.

This frustrates me no end. I like to work. I like to be busy and productive and days like the past two can leave me feeling more depleted than days when I work my toosh off!

However, the good thing about all this is this: I am learning to ‘hear’ my body speak. It’s 8:30pm and I am swinging between zombie and micro-sleep status so I’ll soon be off to zedland because despite the fairly early hour, I am wrecked and need the extra zzzz’s to manage the rest of the week.

So, this means no plot development tonight and means that I finish off the day without the writing done that I thought I would complete and there was a time in my life when this would have sent me toward a depressed cycle but I feel pretty okay.

Life is actually very hectic at the moment and I’ve come to realise that completing my goals each day is important but it’s not the priority. Being available for my sons to hear about their days, and dropping everything to talk to my hubby who’s overseas right now and calls when he’s able – these are the things that really need to be done. The rest can wait 😀

I’ll end with this thought tonight and bid you sweet dreams (unlike the very bizarre bacon river dream I had last night! – yes, you did read bacon river!!):

The To Do list will always be present but the people we love may not. When they reach out to connect, it’s of more value to our lives to reach out in return than to tick off the productivity schedule that makes us feel successful.

What do you do when your energy supplies run out? How do you manage the unpredictable moments that sideswipe you from your schedule? Share and tell me what your secrets are! I’ll try them out and let you know how they work for me too!

Goodnight dear friends, tomorrow is another day and one worth living in full colour.


Miriam 2015

Miriam E. Miles has a finger in quite a few creative pies – her personal writing includes poetry, short reflective pieces on family, identity and spiritual awakening and her work life is spent helping clients build authentic and engaging social media connections.

To chat with Miriam email her at

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