Writers are everywhere I look!

Last night I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert, care of one of my Hubby’s clients’ invitation. It was tremendous, to say the least! The food was great, we had a corporate box and our own waiter (la di da!) and seats that would have cost us a small fortune to secure on our own. It was a lovely blessing after a particularly difficult year.

Hanging out Corporate Box Style to Watch Fleetwood Mac!
Hanging out Corporate Box Style to Watch Fleetwood Mac!

When I was there, I met up with a lady that Andrew used to work with and we caught up on life in general. Turns out she’s been working on a novel for the best part of 2 years so I told her about the NaNoWriMo challenge and encouraged her to give it a try. Her story sounds awesome, a little cheeky and adult for sure, but a bit of a scream I think. I’m looking forward to reading it one day!

But the reason I am reminiscing on this is because it got me thinking about writers. Over the past few months I have met no less than a dozen people who are either penning their own work or have a relative who is. There are so many people in my immediate geographical location who have aspirations to write; who feel that they have something worth sharing with others.

This is what I’ve learned:

Never assume that you’re alone when it comes to writing. Writers are in every corner of our culture, living and breathing out their words into existence, one sentence at a time.

I am encouraged by this. When I probe a bit deeper I often find out that these people are working in everyday jobs, some creative, but mostly just normal work environments, and many are writing ‘on the side’ and in any spare time that they can. And here I sit, with the world at my fingertips, completely in control of how many hours I can spend a day working on my own writing and I still manage to put other things in front of that pursuit, claiming the validity of client work that pays the bills is a higher priority than my own work.

But deep down, I know that this mindset is holding me back. It’s suffocating my words, and eventually, if left unchecked, may just drown them completely.

I’m not okay with that anymore. I love to blog and I love to write for others and bring their ideas to life for their audience to engage with. It’s incredibly exciting to watch a single post being shared over 30 times and read by over 1000 people in just a few weeks and it’s unbelievably gratifying to receive unrequested written testimonials for a job well done from happy clients. But there is something sitting inside my mind, patiently waiting to be released and even my own personal blogs don’t really feel like the right fit.

So, as the countdown to NaNoWriMo begins (6 sleeps to go!), I am becoming more convinced that telling my story isn’t just a nice idea, but is one that for my personal health and growth, needs to be told.

I hope you’ll follow me throughout this journey. I intend to post each day through the challenge but the word count may be a bit depleted at times!

Do you have a desire to write too? What’s your passion? What do you want to tell the world? Why not share and let me support you as well?

Until the next instalment,


Miriam 2015

Miriam E. Miles has a finger in quite a few creative pies – her personal writing includes poetry, short reflective pieces on family, identity and spiritual awakening and her work life is spent helping clients build authentic and engaging social media connections.

To chat with Miriam email her at redlinewriting@gmail.com

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